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Year 3 Toucans and Hummingbirds

Welcome to Year Three!

(the best year, of course!)

The Year 3 teachers are: 



Mrs Sawyers

Hummingbirds Class Teacher














Mrs Jones

Toucans Class Teacher


Year 3 Support Staff:


Mrs Sneddon











Mrs Dempster

Mr Charles 



If you need to contact one of the Year 3 class teacher, please use the class email address.



Autumn Term - Time Travellers


Are we nearly there yet?


Get ready to travel back in time and explore the Stone Age! We will be diving into all things Stone Age, finding out about how they lived, what they ate, where they lived and what they used to hunt for food. In science we will be exploring different light sources and finding out more about our main light source, the sun. In PSHE we will be thinking about manners and when we use them... the teachers will be looking out for some excellent role modelling of this in class!



The expectation is that your child reads every night and an adult signs their reading record. Their reading record should then be brought in every day and their book changed regularly.











Year Three usually swim every Friday throughout the year. At the moment due to Coronavirus, we are not scheduled to start but we will keep you updated whenever we can.


PE Days:

Toucans: Tuesday & Thursday

Hummingbirds: Tuesday & Thursday

Each week the children will receive spellings and times tables appropriate to their level. These will be stuck into their homework books and sent home every Friday.

If you ever misplace or lose spellings, please let your class teacher know. 

Test days:

Thursday - Times table test

Thursday - Spelling test




Please don't forget your 20mins (or more!) a week of RM Easimaths!

Reading support for parents/carers


Below are the Reading Domain Questions to support you when asking your child questions whilst listening to them read every day. 



KS2 reading domain questions

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words

High Frequency Word Lists

Useful Websites
School boy School girl