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Year 1 Robins and Sparrows

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Mrs Ibbotson       Mrs Garcia



Miss Finnerty


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Saki

Ms Lock

Ms Quickenden

Mrs Doci

Welcome to Year One- Curriculum Meeting slides



Our Context for the  autumn term is Me Me Me!

We shall be exploring a number of different topics including exploring what are five senses are, where we live and where we are from.


We shall be identifying who is our family and looking at our family history.


The children will be having fun exploring the art of sketching and will produce a self portrait by the end of the context. 


Year 1 have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday.

Please come in wearing full PE kit on these days. 

Year 1 pick up and drop off times

Year one can enter the classroom from 8:40-8:50. During the first half term parents are welcome to come and settle their children inside the classroom. You must wear a mask when entering the classroom.

Pick up is at 3:05 from outside the classroom.  



Over the Summer holiday we would like the children to create their own bubble maps all about them. 

Here are some examples of bubble maps about your teachers:

The children will be bringing home an envelope to put three items that are personal to them (that are alright to stay in their trays) to share with the class. 


We will also be playing a guess who game using the superhero forms the children will be filling out. Please can you help your child fill out the form. There is a copy of the form below.




Each day please may you complete at least one lesson on reading eggs/express.


Reading is fundamental to all learning! Please help your child to reach their full potential and read with them at least 5 times a week.  


Read everyday. This could be books, newspapers, magazines, online.

Once you have read, try to answer questions about what you have read:

  • The author uses this word ______What does it mean? 
  • The writer uses words such as _____to describe.  What does this tell you about _______?
  • Who? What? Where? When?
  • Why do you think _______?
  • How do you know that _______?
  • What is the main message of the text?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What do you think would happen if _______?


Every week the children will take home a homework sheet.

The homework will have their spellings on, along with an indication of which Maths test they are on. Please practice these ready for the tests.

Maths test = Wednesday

Spellings = Thursday

Please hand your homework book back in on a Wednesday. 

At the bottom of each sheet is a brief explanation of the learning they have been doing this week, plus some talk homework about a topic they will be learning the following week. 


In addition to this there are a number of websites that you might find helpful:


Reading Eggs -


Busy Things

Supermovers has some brilliant songs and dances the children can do with a range of topics covered

Rainbow, Rocket, Moon, Star and Galaxy words

Please ensure the children are keeping up to date with their high frequency words and are practicing them daily.





Busy Things help guide

School boy School girl