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2019 'Flexibility'

All teaching staff take part in Lesson Study annually. Lesson Study helps experienced as well as inexperienced teachers to learn. Because, through the processes of joint planning, joint observation, joint analysis we have to imagine learning together, we get to see aspects of pupil learning through the eyes of others as well as our own and we compare actual learning observed in the research lesson with the learning we imagined when we planned it. This forces us to become conscious of things we would normally not be conscious of either because we would filter it out or because it would be dealt with through our tacit knowledge system.

Lesson Study 2019

We began with a question which reflected an area to develop across the whole school:

How can we improve planning, organisation, marking and verbal feedback to have maximum impact on progress in Maths learning- with a focus on flexibility?

Teaching staff then worked in groups to deliver a series of lessons in Maths which were jointly planned, observed and analysed. The aim was to come to some personal and collective school conclusions that would ensure maximum impact on pupils' learning moving forward.

Throughout the Lesson Study, learners were asked the following questions


What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?  

How do you know?  

What comes next?


This was recorded to make changes and help the analysis process.

Following the lessons, teaching staff were asked to reflect on what 'flexibility is' and what 'flexibility is not' so that we could come to a common understanding of what we wanted flexibility to look like in learning. 

This led to all staff creating their own commitments moving forward.

Flexibility notes from staff and staff commitments

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