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Learning Council

Learning Council ensure pupils' voices are heard.  We believe pupils are the experts about how they learn best! 


There are members, from Year 3 to Year 6 that meet regularly to focus on LEARNING at Aerodrome. Their role is to share feedback from their classes to give to staff and make real changes.  


Learning Council have led development about the 'Learning Pit', led assemblies for children and parents as well as develop systems for feedback.



The Learning Pit!

In July 2017, we asked learners at Aerodrome: What makes a good learner at this school?

After analysing responses, we found out that most learners only thought about behaviour and conduct e.g. 'focus', 'listen to the teacher'. This made Learning Council think...  Is this really what learning is? Does this mean that they are learning?


 Very few responses considered the learning dispositions or learning behaviours required to be a good learner.

As a Learning Council, a list was created to summarise what some of these learning dispositions could be:


Keep your head high

Don’t give up

Learn with others

Open your eyes to something new

Try again

Use what’s around you

Use what you know

You’ve got the power


We then added these sayings to the metaphor of the Learning Pit to show what happens when we get stuck in our learning.

Every learning space now has a Learning Pit.


Pupils then all reflected on their own stories about times when we they had been in the Learning Pit and what they did at that time to get out again.


Megan Willson from year 6 wrote a piece to share all of this in the school newsletter. 

How can we make assessment capable learners?


Learning Council,  looked at WALTs and Success Criteria and how this was used for feedback.

Based on feedback from learners, we made changes to the format and use of the WALTs and Success Criteria in learning. The new arrow WALts should enable learners to articluate:

Where am I going?

How am I doing?

Where next?

School boy School girl