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Enhanced Learning Provision for Developmental Language Disorder

Entry Criteria and How to Apply for a Place

Our ELP is a specialist provision specifically for children with a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder. These are specially funded placements which are offered to identified children from across the borough. Entry is decided via a specialist admissions panel and, occasionally, EHCP consultations (if we are not full and the child meets the entry criteria). We are strictly limited to 20 places and children from our mainstream school do not access this provision or the speech therapy within it. 


If you are interested in applying for a place at our ELP, you must discuss this with your current SENCo or SEN caseworker. Please note that the ELP is a provision for children with Developmental Language Disorder. Applicants must meet the Catalise criteria for DLD which is:


‘Developmental Language Disorder’ (DLD) for when the language disorder is NOT associated with a known biomedical condition such as:


 brain injury,

 acquired epileptic aphasia in childhood,

 certain neurodegenerative conditions,

 genetic conditions such as Down syndrome,

 cerebral palsy

 sensori-neural hearing loss.

 autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

 intellectual disability

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