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Remote Learning and Microsoft Teams Help

Teams and Remote Learning


Remote Learning will begin on Tuesday 5th January.  All lessons and tasks will be set on the Microsoft Teams platform.


Children were sent their Teams log in details last term and asked to log in at home. However, we are aware that some people will require their login and passwords again. To support this, teachers will be sending the details out again via Marvelous Me.   


You will receive a copy of your child’s log in by 10am on Monday morning.  Please bear with us as we get these out.  If you have more than one child at the school, you will receive some sooner than others as we work through the classes.  


If you already have your child’s log in details, or once you receive them via Marvelous Me, please log in to make sure everything works before the lessons start on Tuesday.   We recommend you do that on the device the child will be using.  Teams works on smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, and also on computers.   We have prepared some help sheets for you, which you can find at the bottom of this page.  This includes a guide to switching between accounts if you have more than one child sharing a device.


As stated in the previous letter, any family requiring a laptop at home to support with home learning via Teams or wifi support, will need to complete a form and let us know as soon as possible which can be found on the school website. The additional laptops are being provided by the Department for Education and are expected to arrive at the school towards the end of the week.


Once your child has logged in, can they complete the assignment to show us they have logged in.  Please can you do that, even if you have previously completed a similar task.


For technical advice on using Microsoft Teams please email:

NOTE this email address will be active from 12:00 Monday so please do not send messages before then.


For other queries please contact the School Office:        0208 688 4975     







Letter re Remote learning attendance

Using Teams on a computer or laptop

Using Teams on a phone or tablet

Using Teams on a phone or tablet with more than one child

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