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Toucans and Hummingbirds Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

The Year 3 class teachers are: 



Kim Jones 

Toucans Teacher 

Gemma Davies 

Hummingbirds Teacher 

Courtney Lawrence

Hummingbirds Teacher  

Year 3 Support Staff:


Angela Sneddon

Steve Wilson

Charles Bredenkamp



School Closure Work


Here is where you will find your daily work. All work will be up by 10am on a daily basis. If you are a key worker and therefore, your child will be attending school, the student will participate in these activities during the school hours. You will find powerpoints / activities for certain learning in our 'activities' section found just under the daily tasks. 

Any further information will be sent via text, marvellous me or email. 

Keep safe

The Year 3 Team

Friday 27th March 2020

English Task

Hey guys, guess what, almost a whole week is gone since you started homeschooling.

Today, you will do a reading activity to end the week. Check the 'Activities Section' for the task.

Remember to continue using Reading Eggs.

Maths Task

Happy Friday everyone.  Please see the activity below. We are moving our learning on to representing tenths. The Activity has a chart to complete, Draw out the chart and complete it. There are lots of instructions on the powerpoint to help you complete the task.


Dont forget... Keep active with Joe Wicks.

Context Task

What is your favourite thing to eat? Do you know which ingredients it is made of? Can you taste any of these? Find a delicious recipe for your chosen favourite food. Design some funky new packaging thinking carefully about it's logo. Fancy a challenge - can you write step by step instructions of how to make your food? Remember to use time openers and bossy verbs!

Have a fabulous weekend and we will speak to you on Monday x

Thursday 26th March 2020

 English Task

Hi Children, we have some fun activities for you to do today.

Check out the 'Activities Section' below for the English activity. Enjoy while you learn.

Maths Task

Like Tuesday's lesson you will be finding fractions of amounts but this time the numerator is bigger than 1. Follow the steps on the powerpoint to recap how to set your work out. Please find the work in the activities section. A fraction is part of a whole!


I hope you all enjoyed your workout with Joe Wicks. Why not try another session.

Creative Task

I know some of you have been doing this already - so well done. If you haven't, why not draw/colour/paint a picture of a rainbow and put it in your window.  This will hopefully spread some cheer around the streets where you live.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

English Task:

Think about the meals you have had over the last two days. Write a description of your favourite one. Explain what it was and when you had it (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea/supper).

Describe the taste and how it looked (colour, different foods in it, taste and aroma). Remember to use expanded noun phrases in your description.

You can further challenge yourself by explaining how that meal could even have been better.


I have added a PE session with Joe Wicks.  I hope you enjoy the 30 minute session. Please follow the link below. ( It is below the Activities section)


Maths Task - Continuing with fractions - I have set some reasoning and problem solving fractions questions. Please find them in the Wednesday powerpoint in the activities section. Don't forget, explain the reasons to your answers. Our favourite questions... Why?  How do you know this?


Context Task - PSHE - Mindfulness. Take a look at the powerpoint in 'Activities.' A great task for talking!




Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hi year 3, how was your first day of home-school learning?

English Task: Your task is an activity with verbs. It is in the 'Activities' section with maths and context.

If you get stuck at any time, just look again at the example. 


Maths Task - Continuing our fractions learning please see the powerpoint below in our new 'Activities' section. Remember a fraction is part of a whole!

Context Task - Thinking about your Design Technology project - look at the powerpoint in 'Activities' - today it will be great for you to come up with a great name and design a logo for your Artisan bread.


Monday 23-3-2020

English Task: Hi year 3, I know that you are missing school. This is your English task for today:-

    - In your home school book, write a diary entry explaining what you have done so far today. Include your feelings, being at home instead of being in school.

Math Task: To ensure that you know your 3 and 4 times table really well, can you write down the 3 and 4 times tables into your school book. Don't forget to mix the questions up.  When you feel confident that you know them, tap out a rhythm to them. Use some kitchen equipment you have at home to help you create the rhythm sounds. Happy counting and tapping!

Context Task: Geography - What is the weather like today? How many degrees is it? Compare it to the climate of a mountain peak. What is similar? Different? Perhaps you can use one of the maps shown on the context sheet handout in order to compare. Remember to think about the height of the mountain and how our climate differs the higher you get.  













  • The expectation is that your child reads every night and an adult signs their reading record. Their reading record should then be brought in every day and their book changed regularly



  • Year Three will be taking part in swimming lessons every Friday morning.
  • They will need to bring a bag with a towel, swimming hat (girls), googles and swimming costume/shorts in.

Spring Term - 'Mountain High'


In the Spring term our learning will be based on the question; Can I touch a mountain peak? We will be looking closely at the Romans in History, their invasions and where they settled. In Geography, the learning will be based around mountains and volcanoes. 




Throughout this term in Math, we will be focusing on number. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Our books for our English work and Writing are Escape from Pompeii and Rising Volcanoes.

In Science we will be looking at Rocks and soil moving on to Forces and magnets.

In Music we will be taking a journey through flight. Looking at the musical terminology of structure and Dynamics

In Art we will be creating our own Roman shields.

In Religious Education we will be studying Christianity and the significance of Jesus' life.

In Design and Technology we will be carrying out a project on creating our own Artisan bread. Look out for these breads going on sale as we end the project in the second half of the Spring Term.


In Toucans we have the responsibility of looking after two fish.  Their names are Bubbles and Goofy. As you can see they look very at home in our class.





A fantastic trip to Quasar Elite was a great way to start the Spring Term. As part of our Romans work we looked at invasions. Having equal groupings including parents and teachers led to a fun battle where each team tried to defend their fort. Would they retreat or would they invade?

The engaging trip to Quasar Elite

The engaging trip to Quasar Elite 1

Your child will receive the following weekly homework:

  • spellings
  • times tables
  • 20 mins minimum of RMeasimaths

High Frequency Word Lists

School boy School girl