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Robins and Sparrows - Yr 1

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Mrs Ibbotson

Mrs Garcia



Miss Naik





Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Saki

Mrs Williams



Welcome to Year One!









In the Spring term our context will be 'Exploration'. We will be learning about the history of transport, looking at different explorers and the future of exploration. We will be investigating different materials and how we use them. We will also be designing our own transport along with creating our own fantasy island. 


Our key texts include: 

Little Wings

Wishing for a Dragon

The Way Back Home


We will have trips linked to these, including:

Croydon Aerodrome

London Eye

Plus a visit from an expert to learn about the Croydon Aerodrome and what it used to be like


Each day we will post a phonics, English, maths and context challenge for the children to do. 


Here are the activities for the week of 23rd March 2020


Monday 23/3/20

Tuesday 24/03/20

Wednesday 25/3/20

Thursday 26/3/20

Friday 27/3/20


1 lesson of Reading Eggs/Express

1 lesson of Reading Eggs/Express

1 lesson of Reading Eggs/Express

1 lesson of Reading Eggs/Express

1 lesson of Reading Eggs/Express


Can you write instructions on how to care for an alien? Or finish writing your ‘Way Back Home’ story.

Can you write a letter to a friend in class? Can you can include feelings?

Can you write four sentences using a conjunction?

E.g I love my cat and my dog. My cat is black and he has a long tail.

Can you describe how you could show someone you care?

Can you write a few sentences describing the best bits about yourself?

Maths: These activities can be swapped for 30 mins on Khan Academy a day.

Can you make a snack list with prices? Can you buy your snacks for the day with £1 and work out the change? (using coins)

 Can you practise doubling numbers? (How high can you go?)

Easy- use objects/toys

Medium- use drawing (dots)

Hard- do it in your head.

 Can you practise halving numbers? (How high can you go?)

Easy- use objects/toys

Medium- use drawing (dots)

Hard- do it in your head.

 Can you make a cake/recipe (measuring all of the ingredients carefully)?

 Can you go on a shape hunt around your home? How many shapes can you find and name?



Can you draw a picture of a church, synagogue or Mosque?


Can you look on google earth and find the names of the 7 continents and all the oceans?


Can you role-play blasting off into space and walking on the moon? What can you see? Here is a song about the planets you might like


Can you watch cosmic yoga for kids and take part?


Can you draw a picture of yourself doing something amazing like climbing a mountain or swimming in a deep ocean?


In addition to this there are a number of websites that you might find helpful:

Reading Eggs -

Time table Rock Stars


Busy Things - which during this time has made its library of different banded books free for the children to access - some fun STEM lego activities to do with your children

PE Joe Wicks is holding 30 minute PE sessions for children and adults every weekday morning at 9am on his youtube channel. 

Free audio books

David Walliams is also releasing a free audio book every day

Supermovers has some brilliant songs and dances the children can do with a range of topics covered


This is an example Year 1 homework sheet which shall be personalized each week for your child's learning. Your child's phonics spellings will be attached and the maths test will be circled. If you are unsure of any spellings/which test your child is on please ask your class teacher.


Please also focus on the talk homework for the following week in order to develop your child's vocabulary. 




Reading is fundamental to all learning! Please help your child to reach their full potential and read with them at least 5 times a week. Record this in their reading record and hand this in every day.




To help with your child's reading please continue to use reading eggs. We will be having a competition each week to see who has completed the most lessons. 

Here is a document to help support your child at home

Mindfullness Easter egg colouring sheets for the children

School boy School girl