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Year 2 Parrots and Woodpeckers


Woodpeckers and Parrots


Charlotte Green

Parrots Class Teacher 

George Kettlewell

Woodpeckers Class Teacher 

Candice Roberts

Class TA



Panto videos - please copy the link into google to see how much fun we all had today at the Panto!

We've recorded some Christmas songs for our parents - hope you all enjoy them!



We had a great time building and burning down our 1666 style houses

We welcome you to the Year 2 Information Page!



Throughout the Autumn Term we will be looking at a new context called    'Opposite Attracts'

Within this context we will explore a variety of topics including creating a Travel Documentary all about the Arctic and the Sahara. We will also be looking at Muslims and how they practice their religions as well as the artists Mondrain and Ashavak. 

Underneath we have outlined some of the areas that we will be covering in each lesson. 

See you in 2021!


Year 2 PE days are a Monday and Tuesday.

Please send your child in, in their PE kit. 


Each week the children will receive spellings and times tables appropriate to their level. These will be in the children's homework books each week.


SPELLINGS: Your children will be given individualised Phonics group spellings. These will be stuck onto the homework sheet every week. If you require an additional copy of these, please speak to your class teacher.


The children must also participate in 30 minutes of online tasks via Reading Eggs or RM EasiMaths. 


Please click on the links to reach both of these sites.



Additional learning at home

 You can always carry on your learning, even when at home!  Make sure you read for 10 minutes each day and then record it in your yellow reading record books to show your teachers!

Maths is also all around you!  Can you count the steps in your house?  Add together door numbers?  Measure and weigh food/items when cooking?

Always practise your 2,5, and 10 times tables too!

School boy School girl